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Related post: Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2003 20:31:38 -0400 From: Hottie Girl Subject: "The Real Facts of Life"This is where I tell you that this is a work of fiction and not to do this since it is only real in the depths of my fertile yet somewhat perverted mind. But you already knew that so I will spare you the lecture.When I turned twelve Mom gave me the "Talk" You know the "Birds and the Bees" Mom told me she would tell me more on my sixteenth birthday. That was the end of tgp nymphette it, until now. You see I turned 16 a week ago and I am glad I waited. I was still a virgin and had nymphet photo angels done nothing more than some light petting with boys and some touching and kissing with girls. On nn nymphet pix my 16th birthday I learned about a family tradition that had gone on for many generations. Here is what happened. My Mom planned my birthday party with my friends for two underage nymphets days after my little naked nymphets real b-day. 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Then sliding nymphets sex pictures her hands over the front of my breasts she pinched my nipples and said to Marty, "See how the fabric is thin 6 12 nymphets and stretches allowing her nipples to protrude rather than be unhealthily compressed like most other sports bra's do." I struck upon a nasty idea and leaned back and whispered something into Lily's ear. She then slid a hand down my back and between my legs using the knife-edge of her real asian nymphets hand to push the material deeper into my cunt explaining to Marty how the tight fabric also stimulated "Certain areas of a female". It made my clit harden and stand out proud. Then Lily whispered something in my ear as I saw the bulge in Marty's shorts pulsate. Without a word I turned from both of them and went back into the booth.A moment later Lily entered the booth with Marty in tow. I sat one the bench and Lily sat Marty across from me. I handed Lily $100 dollars of the money Marty had given me and she stuffed it into a pocket then knelt in front of Marty. He looked at me and russia porno nymphet I said, nymphet porn pics "This is my way of thanking you for being such a wonderful friend." I said the word "friend" with a wink and a smile, since Lily thought he was my boyfriend. Lily unbuckled his belt then unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. Reaching a thumb nymphet tgp portal up each short leg she gripped both his shorts and boxers and as he lifted his hips up she pulled them both off. Marty's cock sprang free and my, my I must say he is gifted. I could see he shaved his pubic hair almost completely of save for a very small wedge shaped patch. He pulled his shirt up over his head and dropped it where his shorts lay. I saw my brother nude for the first time and I was seriously impressed. All the working out for football made the muscles on his hairless chest ripple each time he moved. Lily leaned down and swallowed his 8 plus inch cock down in one motion. I lifted my top off showing Marty my own chest. I pinched nymphets pics forum my nymphete models nipples while watching Lily give him probably the best Blowjob he had ever had. I tried to slip my hand into my shorts to finger my pussy but they were too tight so I removed them. Looking up I realized that Marty was staring nymphets 14 nymphets at me while being blown by Lily. He watched as I slid two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. I could see in his eyes he was about to cum. That was when he spoke for the first time throughout the whole affair. He said, "God Lily nymphet love porn gallery you are great but no one gets my cum but my girlfriend." With that he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off of his cock and standing he walked over to me and put his hand on the back of my head. He top tgp nymphets pulled my head towards my art bbs nymphet cock and I took horny nymphette his lol bbs nymphets cock in my mouth. I had never done this but by imitating what I had just seen Lily doing I got into a rhythm quite quickly. nymphets nude samples Within a moment Marty sent a huge little nymphet gallery load of cum into my mouth. Another first for me.As we were putting our clothes back on Marty's cell phone rang. It was Dad he said. When he hung up he said we need to get home Dad had a surprise for my birthday. Lily looked up and with a grin said, nymphet free video "I knew you two nymphets model gallery were brother and sister." "Jesus you two are practically twins, then she handed me the hundred dollars with her card and said, "Happy birthday Friday, since you naked nymphet boy are wearing it outfit is yours also" Then added here is my card either of you or both can call me anytime. I would love to get pre nymphets tgp together with you and get better acquainted. She walked us to the nymphettes free pics door of the store and gave us each a kiss and we headed to the car and then home.I had no idea what Dad had for me, but I was looking forward to it fotoplenka nymphet anyway. Birthdays were nice around our house. We were you could say rich. Dad and Mom met while working for Bill Gates in the late seventies and the stock they bought in the company then has made them millionaires many times over. Not to mention their own computer company they started in 1990 that was just bought from them by a Japanese company for about 24 million dollars. Noticed we were not heading straight home, so I asked Marty where we were going and he said it was part of the surprise. I realized we were heading towards the marina where Dad nymphets hardcore keeps prenymphet the yacht. Dad had always wanted a yacht, so when he found this one for sale he sold a bunch of Microsoft stock and bought her. It was a steal at 1.2 million dollars. She is 88 feet child models nymphets of pure luxury and comfort. It has a 22-foot Boston Whaler commuter boat up topside and a garage below decks where Dad keeps an SUV and some Jet Ski's. I love that boat. Oops Dad always reminds me it's a vombat nymphets ship or a yacht not a boat, that's what the Boston Whaler is for. When we got the our slip I could see Dad, Mom, as well as Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry (-; on board. Marty nymphets model japan and Larry got the lines and Gustavo our Italian Captain got us under way, nude nymphette carefully threading his way out of Long Beach harbor to the open sea. On the yacht was the only place I was allowed to drink so we all sat around and drank wine and beer while chatting.After about an hour of sitting on the sun deck Aunt Linda stood and saying how hot she was stripped to her very small g-string bikini. It was so thin you could see through the fabric and make out wild nymphets galleries her nipples and the outline of her obviously shaved pussy. Mom did the same and I thai nymphet sex was surprised to see they wore the same bikini and she was shaved too. Then again Mom and Linda are twins so why not. Dad and Larry stood and stripped down to g-strings also. I could clearly tiny nymphet bbs see their big cocks through the sheer material as well. Marty stood up and said, "Hey nymphette teen that ain't fair Friday and I don't have suits like those. Dad smiled and handed Marty a package while Aunt Linda handed me one. Inside we found matching suits to theirs. We started to head into the cabin to change when Mom stopped us. She said, "The rule is if you want to wear the suits on the yacht you have to change into them here." Marty was naked in a second and slid the young nymphets private see through latviannymphet g-string up his thickly muscled legs. After all the arousal from earlier my inhibitions were down anyway and I followed suit. When I was down to my new outfit Mom asked to pics littles nymphets see it when I removed it. I handed it to her and she handed the bottoms to Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda then did something odd and I watched as she put the crotch of the shorts to her nose and inhaled deeply. She was smiling and told Larry to smell them and they proceeded to pass them around. I had just gotten the top to my new bikini on when Linda always being the instigator that she is pulled her g-string off and said, "Who wants to little nymphette teen smell mine?" Then Mom did the same and there were now three pairs of panties being passed around the table. It was good to know underage teens nymphets that everyone liked my smell the best. Then Dad piped up and said, "New rule, Thursday is nude day on the yacht. So everybody strip them off." "Wait a minute Linda" said "We haven't smelled the guys yet" "You're right Linda fair is fair," shocking nymphets pics Dad said and the men stood up. Aunt Linda turned to Marty who was standing right next to her and putting her hands on has ass cheeks pulled him to her face. She put her dirty nymphets nose right to the spot between his balls and his dick. "MMMM he smells good. In fact he smells like perfume and cum, is there something you need to tell us Marty?" Mom pulled her nose from Larry's crotch to look at Marty. Then Marty started telling the story like nothing was wrong. I knew my birthday was ruined now, we would probably head in to port and I would be punished. What was weird though is no one looked that mad in fact nymphette en lingerie they all looked, well, turned on. Mom and Linda child ukranian nymphets were playing with their nipples and the guys all had signs of hardening young naked nymphette cocks.When Marty finished his story Mom looked at me and asked, "Did you like the flavor of you brothers cum?" Wow what a question. "Um, yeah I guess I did." Then Mom looked at Linda and said, "He does ukrainian nymphets passwords have great tasting cum doesn't he?' Linda's response was giving Mom a high five. Then Dad said, hey no one smelled my cock yet. prepubescent nymphet nude It seemed strange to hear him use words like cock but I liked it. So taking the initiative I went over to him and did just like Aunt Linda had. Dad took me by the hair and nymphet teen 13 17 pulled my head away. "What's wrong Daddy, I asked?" "This", he said and pulled his g-string down then pushed my face back in. His 9-inch cock got completely hard almost instantly. I looked to my Mom only to see she had Uncle Larry's cock in her mouth, then over to Aunt Linda just in time to see her swallow Marty's cock. What the fuck was up with my family today? Then I heard my Dad, "Honey its alright. It is a family tradition that on your 16th birthday you lose your virginity to a family photo models nymphets nue member. It is much safer than losing it to a stranger. Usually its father/daughter, and mother/son. Then he pushed the tip of his pre-cum leaking cock against my lips. What's a girl to do when her Daddy wants a Blowjob from her? Me usenet ukrainian nymphets I opened my mouth and put to use the skills top 100 nude nymphets I had just learned from Lily. Dad got even harder in my mouth and began to moan. I could hear all of the moans coming from Marty child nn nymphets and Larry. I loved the taste of Daddy's cum as it continued to leak from his cock. nymphets photo Suddenly he yelled out he was about to cum and I heard Mom yell out, "Bukkake on Friday" I had no idea what that meant, mature and nymphets but I would soon find out. Dad pulled his cock from my mouth and I saw Marty and Larry on either side of him. They were all pointing their cocks at underage russian little nymphetes me bbs teens nymphets and stroking them. Daddy was the first to cum, he came in long thick white milky spurts. I opened my mouth hymen nymphets to catch it and then Marty started to spurt also. I caught almost all of their cum and had to swallow so I wouldn't lose any of it. When they were finished nymphets heaven Uncle Larry stepped up and aimed his cock at my mouth. My god he could blow a lot of cum. I think he shot more in my mouth than Daddy and Marty combined. It was also by far the best tasting cum of all. I stood and Mom and Linda came over and licked the rest of the cum from my face and erotic angel nymphet tits. Linda also removed the bikini top I had managed to get on before this all started.Daddy announced we should all go inside the upper cabin so we don't get sunburned. The upper cabin was a sitting room. It was a semi-oval shaped room with soft comfy thickly padded couches all the way around. I was first in and sat and watched my sexy naked family come in. nymphets underage lol to First was Marty, well you know what he looks like. Them Mom and Linda, Mom the former bikini model. She still has the body for it and she is much curvier than a lot of the models out there today. Then Linda, she still models for catalogs and swimsuit magazines. My Dad came nymphets jpg in next small nymphets topless he nymphets xxx young is a fitness nut so his body is ripped like a body builder. Then there is Uncle Larry. Larry is hard to describe. He is neither thin or fat, he is like baby bears porridge, just right. His cock is about 8 inches and is completely shaven. He is just totally sexy in that regular guy way. I knew sometime I would have to let him fuck me and cum in my mouth again.When we were all in the room Daddy told me to come up to the front of the room with him. He sat in a chair that was there and told me to bend over his knee for my spanking. He said the difference was that in our family it isn't a spanking, instead each person in the room gets to finger fuck me 16 time each. The rules were simple each person got 16 in strokes and could use no more than two fingers and were not to break my hymen. They could stroke as fast or slow as they liked. I have to say over the next twenty minutes I came at least a dozen times. Then it was Daddy's turn. He stood and picked me up with him. When he sat me down I was on my knees in front of Mom and I reached my arms up and gave her a hug. Daddy knelt behind me and I could feel his hardness rubbing up against my clit. My pussy was still dripping from the fingering I had gotten. I looked back and saw Daddy rolling a condom onto his cock. "Daddy don't wear that thing, I want to pubescent nymphet feel the real you." "I define nymphet don't want to get you pregnant sweetie." "You won't Daddy 'cause I want katya nymphet studios your cum in my mouth. So tell me when you are close and I will suck all of your sweet cum into my mouth and swallow it." He smiled at pedo nymphets nude that and began pushing his cock into my virgin cunt. It felt huge as he inched it in slowly. He stopped for a minute letting me get used to it until I 14yo nymphets told him to keep going. I felt my Cherrie give way as his cock pushed its way in. I felt his balls hit my clit and knew he was wild nymphets portal all the way in. Then he withdrew till just the tip was in. I looked back and told him to fuck me. That was all he needed to hear and lollita nymphet he started stroking in and out fast and furious. I came instantly when he did this. We fucked for at least ten minutes and bbs nymphet toplist I was getting sore but didn't want him to stop. Then I felt him stiffen up and pull out of me. I quickly turned and grabbed his dick and guided it to my waiting mouth. I sucked him like there was no tomorrow. All nymphets child image of a sudden he thrust his hips forward and his cock went down my throat. As he was pulling back the cum started to flow. I was in heaven, I had the cock of the nymphets nude kid man I loved more than anyone on earth in my mouth and spewing for the second real nude nymphets bbs time in less than an nymphet teens hour.The cruise lasted 5 days. In that time I tried out every cock and pussy on board. Including Gustavo who was double-teamed by Aunt Linda and me. You should cum aboard out our love boat!
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